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What is online remote computer support?

Online computer support, also known as, “remote” or “virtual” computer support is the practice of having your computer worked on by a technician over the internet. The technician can view your screen and move the mouse and keyboard safely from a remote location.

Is it safe and secure?

Yes, when you connect to one of our certified technicians, the connection is encrypted using end-to-end, 256-bit SSL encryption – the same security levels used and trusted by major banking institutions. Also, you are in complete control of the remote session and can take control of the mouse anytime or you can end the session immediately.

Who is doing the work?

The troubleshooting of your system is performed by one of our industry certified technical experts. When you call us to request service, you will speak to one of our technically trained customer service representatives who will find out details of your problem and delegate it to one of our expert technicians.

Can a technician access my computer after the work is done or without my permission?

No. Once the remote PC support session is ended the connection is closed. Closed remote PC support sessions cannot be rejoined. A new remote PC support session can only be started by you.

Can you help me with my computer if I’m outside of the U.S.?

Yes, our online PC repair service works through an Internet connection no matter where in the world you are.

What if you can’t fix my problem remotely online?

There are times when an online remote session will not be adequate to remedy a particular problem. In those cases we will schedule an onsite technician to be physically sent to your location.

How quickly will you have a technician physically dispatched to my location?

We can usually have a tech out to you the same or next day.

Do you work on MAC?

We support both Windows and MAC through our onsite service. Our remote service does handle limited Mac repairs.

Can you help me design a new website and maintain it?

Yes.  We have a design team on staff that can work with you on your new web design.  Once finished Alpha Geeks Onsite can maintain your site for a nominal monthly fee.



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