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iPad Repair

iPad Repair

Trust Alpha Geeks Onsite for expert iPad repairs, performed right here in the Boston/Metro West area.

Even for those that at first resisted, after trying out an iPad, most will admit that when it comes to connectivity, tablets are a convenient half-step between a laptop and a smartphone. If you are a regular tablet user who has integrated this technology into daily life,  when something happens to deprive you using your iPad  it can become very inconvenient.

Apple makes some fine products, but touch screens and ultra-thin LCDs are fragile, and one careless action can render your iPad useless. Batteries or speakers can fail, casings can crack or a beverage can be spilled on your tablet. When you’ve come to depend upon your iPad as a communication medium, a tool for business, and have integrated into your daily routine, any of these issues can bring you to the brink of panic.

There’s no need to panic, however, with Alpha Geeks Onsite in your corner. We specialize in expert repair of iPads (1, 2, 3, & 4) and iPad Minis. Our technicians can:

  •             Replace LCD, touch screen,
  •             Replace or repair microphone or speakers
  •             Handle any data recovery issues
  •             Service any liquid damages
  •             Provide hardware and software support and more!

All of our services are performed quickly and inexpensively; restoring your favorite communication device to full operability.



You paid a lot for your iPad. It’s beautiful, it’s elegant, and unfortunately it’s also broken perhaps? Here are some of the most common repair services we provide:

  • Screen Repair

Is your screen cracked or possibly even shattered? We can replace your iPad screen and have your device backup and running with minimal downtime.

  • Water Damage

Perhaps you spilled your bottle of water on your special tablet or worse, some sticky juice. Whatever the liquid was that caused damage to your tablet, we will thoroughly clean your iPad inside and out, diagnose any other potential damages, and have your machine running like new.

  • Data Support

Missing crucial data, files, or information on your iPad? Our technicians can assist you with restoring your information and resolving any data recovery issues you may be experiencing.

  • Hardware & Software Services

Frequently iPad users experience issues with their power flex cable repair, WiFi connectivity, or require digitizer replacement services. Having issues with your microphone, camera, or speakers? We can investigate the source of your issues and provide long lasting solutions.


At Alpha Geeks Onsite not only is customer service our main focus, but we are also dedicated to providing you with the best service and repairs. We guarantee all of our labor and parts. We understand the importance of providing you with top quality, long lasting repairs and support.


The next time your iPad or iPad Mini is damaged, needs a factory reset or is simply malfunctioning, contact us and see what customer service is supposed to be like. Experience for yourself our fast, inexpensive repair service and you’ll see how we beat other The Boston/Metro West area iPad repair companies!



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