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Business IT Support


Alpha Geeks Onsite provides top-level IT support and consulting services for small to medium businesses in the Boston and Metro West area. Our focus is on creating long lasting relationships with our clients through flexible policies, superior service, and a staff of expert technicians.


We offer a complete array of IT services, including server management, network management, remote help-desk,  virtualizations, as well as temp IT staffing. By hiring us to support, manage and maintain your businesses’ technology, you will be free to focus on the most important task of all, running your business!

Our expert team of skilled technicians and engineers will prevent potential problems before they even arise, and you’ll have direct access to our experienced help desk technicians over the phone, remotely, in-shop and onsite. We have invested thousands of dollars in the best remote support system available to offer best-in-class support and help desk services. Here are some key points that separate us from those other firms…

•    Focus on building and maintaining lasting mutual relationships with clients
•    Unique, flexible services and pricing with custom plans tailored for each client
•    No long term commitments, monthly service fees, or retainer fees
•    We work for you and no one else! No manufacturer, vendor or provider loyalty or kickbacks.
•    Focus on saving you money, no pushy sales tactics or unnecessary recommendations
•    Remote or onsite service available to address every type of tech support issue or computer.
•    Single source for any and all business IT needs, from email support to data recovery.
•    True IT think-tank, with friendly, certified, experienced technicians and engineers.


Most small businesses don’t need to hire full time IT support in house. The average cost of hiring a full time, internal IT support person often exceeds $75,000 a year + taxes, vacations, sickness and benefit considerations. Outsourcing your business IT needs to us will immediately reduce your IT support costs and HR workload. Here are benefits to hiring Alpha Geeks Onsite to help support your businesses technology.

•  As needed temp to full time IT support staffing
• No more worries about vacations, sickness, holidays
• Little to no training required, our staff is ready to go
• No medical coverage/expense required
• Single IT support staff and/or full teams available
• Mac and PC capable support agents
• Able to train your staff and transition duties to in house replacements.


We know that IT support today demands knowledge of more platforms and applications than ever before. Alpha Geeks Onsite is one the only providers of business IT support with a full staff trained or certified to support every type of computing device or software. This includes PC’s, Mac’s phones and tablets. For decades, IT departments have excluded Macs from their support policies, demanding that any employee or staff member find independent support for their Mac or iOS device. But as consumer demand for Apples products skyrockets, many businesses cannot ignore the need to offer support for Apple devices.

• Support for Bootcamp, Parallels or VMware including repair, data recovery and configuration
• Support for cross platform data migrations and conversions
• Support for iPad, iPod, and iPhone email, syncing, calendars and apps
• Remote support available for any any every type of computer including Macs, PCs and Linux
• Support for mixed networks running versions of Windows, Mac OS, or Linux.


The current trend in business computing is moving aggressively toward adaptation of a host of Software as a Service (aka SAAS) applications, also referred to as “cloud” or “web” apps. These apps provide some really good solutions for email, project management (PM), customer relationship management (CRM), customer service, scheduling and calendar, Quick Books and point of sale (POS) just to name a few. There are thousands of popular apps, all with their own features and limitations. We can help guide you the the vast landscape of available options, and can help implement and train your staff.


To be a successful businesses today, email is your most critical tool. The speed, security, and storage options of your business communication is critical to your business productivity. Our experience with all types of business email configurations makes us the obvious choice for your business. We offer expertise in Google Business apps, hosted exchange, outlook, mac mail, iCal etc. as well as support for all email clients on all operating system. Our engineers have decades of experience helping businesses manage their email communication. We can implement, analyze, optimize and troubleshoot your email system to create a highly effective solution based on your unique needs.

• Complete Microsoft Exchange support
• Support for Microsoft Outlook, configuration, troubleshooting, database repair and more
• Expert support for Apple email and contact management applications
• Support for Google Business Apps including setup, migrations, and troubleshooting.


Our goal is to make sure our clients never need data recovery service, by planning for, and implementing redundant onsite and offsite backup solutions.  Often we’re brought in to save businesses from disastrous data loss situations. We offer the best, most cost effective recovery services available. We specialize in all levels of recovery scenarios, covering everything from media failure, reader arm failure, accidental deletion, virus and malware infections and more.

We can recover data from all types of storage devices including:

• IDE hard drive
• SATA hard drive
• Enterprise storage devices
• Tape drives
External hard drives
• USB stick
• Camera cards
• Other removable media.


In today’s competitive business world, it’s easy to underestimate the benefits of going green. By implementing virtualization, cloud computing, power management strategies and other technologies, we can save you serious money. Making the right choices when going green can make all the difference. We can help transition you to the newest technologies to help your business be as environmentally friendly as possible. As a certified green business, we are in a strong leadership position to advise our clients in all green IT matters.

Virtualization Services

We can assist you in making the transition to the latest technologies for desktop, application, and server virtualization. By implementing virtualization strategies, many businesses can cut their hardware and energy operating costs tremendously, while at the same time improving overall reliability, efficiency and control. Consolidating systems from several platforms reduces overhead and offers simplified management. Less hardware is needed, less energy is required, meaning equipment, power and labor costs are all reduced.

• Consolidate multiple servers and/or multiple operating systems to run on a single server
• Vastly reduced energy use and physical space footprint, resulting in greatly reduced costs
• Simplified, less expensive deployment, management and backup of systems
• Greatly reduce the need for expensive server hardware
• Consolidate the number of servers you have, saving energy and physical space
• Securely backup and migrate virtual environments.


For all your Business IT Support needs think Alpha Geeks Onsite! Please contact us today to discuss how we can help you.


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